Partnership Inspire is a program recently launched that allows our guest to connect with us on a more intimate level.  The word "Inspire",  comes from the Latin dialect and means "In The Spirit".  Partnership Inspire simply means that you are in agreement with our direction and our vision, and have connected with us "In the spirit".  Our Partners agree to support us through daily prayer, word of mouth, and monthly financial donations. 

We thank all of our partners for assisting us in launching Perfecting The Saints Church International. In 2013, our desire is to take the Gospel of His Loving Grace into the uttermost parts of the earth.  There are countries who need the Gospel but are not n a financial position to bare the expense of bringing a crusade team into their city.  To relieve them of that burden, we are reaching out to faithful Partners like you who will assist us in absorbing the expense of getting our team into those countries. The awesome part is, with you Partnering with us; for every life that is touched near and abroad, would go towards your account!  We thank you for your prayers, words of encouragement and your financial commitment that assist us in fulfilling our mission.

Pray for the Spiritual, Physical, and Financial wellness of our Pastors Daily.

Attend all meetings and worship services held in your area.

Share with others your awesome experience with joining the family of PTSCI.

Commit to being a 100% tither or support the vision financially on a monthly basis.  

Pray for you and those near and dear to your heart on a daily basis.

To stay in position to hear from God daily on your behalf and others.

Provide special discounts on Ministry products.

Send you one  CD message/month that will build up and empower you with right choices!

To keep you updated on the forward progress of the Ministry through partnership/membership letters. 

We sincerely thank you for your generous donation. Every donation given goes towards the fulfillment of Perfecting The Saints Church International Missions Abroad, broadcast and the fulfillment of community based programs that meet the  spiritual, mental and physical needs of our immediate community.  PTSCI, is a 501(c)3 organization and all contributions are tax deductible.

"..Offered willingly..for the service of the house of God.."1 Chronicles 29:6

"Teaching the Word of God with Precision and Balance"
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