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Perfecting The Saints Church International (PTSCI), is a non-denominational Church that is established on the Love of God. We believe in teaching The Word of God with precision and balance that enables the hearer to apply it to their everyday life.  


We don't believe it is enough to go to church to receive an emotional uplift without experiencing spiritual growth. When taught with precision and balance, the word of God will transform our thinking and empower you to live victoriously. Once our thought process changes, then our character, communication, our conduct and our environment will follow suite. We encourage you to make a quality decision today that will affect your tomorrow by joining us in making an impact in our Communities that will reverberate around the world. 


We invite you to become a part of the Perfecting The Saints family today, and watch your life change forever!


Excited to become your Pastors,


Pastor J & Gloria Glover

Equipping people with right choices

Over 60  years of


In the Office, off Campus or in the comfort of your home...strictly confidential 

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